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A list of all the characters in Horrible Painting Emails.


Main Characters

  • Horrible Painting — The main character of hpemails. He is a painting that checks emails and gives people the jibblies.
  • The Goblin — Horrible Painting's friend. He hangs out at Halloween and sometimes, he does a dance.
  • Cus — Their pet, a carnivorous undead sheep. (That's what "CUS" stands for, in case you were wondering.) He can't talk, he only growls.


  • Sir Photo — Old-Timey Horrible Painting. He has a mustache and a top hat. He has a french accent.
  • The Troll — Old-Timey Goblin. He is hairy with fangs and doesn't talk.
  • The Diseased Cow — Old-Timey Cus.
  • Creepy Picture — 20X6 Horrible Painting. He is a great challenger, and hates Stinkoman.
  • The Dragon — 20X6 Goblin.
  • Cusazikichu — 20X6 Cus.
  • H. Painting — Xeriouxly Forxe Horrible Painting.
  • Xoblin — Xeriouxly Forxe Goblin.
  • C.U.S. — Xeriouxly Forxe Cus.
  • The Horrible Painting — Storybook Horrible Painting.
  • Storybook The Goblin — Storybook Goblin.
  • Li'l Goblin — Youthful Goblin.

Minor Characters

  • John — An unseen character who sends bad emails. Introduced in Email #5.
  • Gorblin — A misspelling of Goblin, and a parody of Homsar. Appears in an Easter egg in Email #14.
  • Trondog the Flamifyer — Horrible Painting's drawing of a dinosaur. He is a parody of Trogdor. Horrible Painting draws him in Email #15.
  • Rhinosaurus — The Goblin's drawing of a dinosaur (half-rhino). He is drawn in Email #15.
  • Trogdoor the Door — Cus's drawing in Email #15.
  • Steven — Horrible Painting's cousin who wears cycling gear and acts like somebody's dad. He appears in Email #17.