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Email #12
HP talks about weird dreams.

Page Title: Happy 486?

Running Time: 0:37

Date: February 18, 2014


HP: Uh...Gob?

GOBLIN: HP, you know I hate it when you call me that.

HP: Sorry. Goblin, can I use your computer?

GOBLIN: Hold on. {Stinkoman 20X6 music is heard} Yes! I beat Level 4! Now I need to do the moon level! ...Okay, sure, HP.

HP: {types horrible_email.exe} Checkin' an email on my friend's computer...the Happy 486...

HP: Well, Dan....I had a dream last night that was weird. I went on a trip to Italy with a talking pie. And we lived in a shoe named "Melbert". And the Eiffel Tower was made out of...macaroni and cheese.

GOBLIN: The Eiffel Tower isn't in Italy.

HP: Uh, yeah, that's one of the reasons the dream was so weird. Come down, the Horrible Paper. ...Um...I think I need to buy a new paper.

Easter Eggs

Click on HP to find an easter egg.

{HP is at a macaroni-and-cheese Eiffel Tower with a giant pie.}
PIE: Hi.
HP: Hi.

Fun Facts


  • There is no link to email HP at the end.

Inside References