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Hpemail #10
HP wonders how his email show can get "popularer".

Page Title: Dusty 300

Running Time: 1:00

Date: December 29, 2012


HP: {to the tune of "Jingle Bells"} Ho ho ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

GOBLIN: Wha 'bout the email intro?

HP: That was the email intro.

GOBLIN: {taps his foot}

HP: Okay, fine. Come on in the heeeeeeeere-mail!

GOBLIN: Ugh! Finally a email intro that makes some sense!

HP: For the 69532th time, BE QUIET!

HP: {after he reads "hey horror guy", he says "It's spelled Horrorguy. 1 word, not 2 words."} No, for the 69532nd time, I don't know how to get this email show..."popularer".

GOBLIN: Ya know, that's not a bad idea. And also, I think we're, like, the most popular email show on the HRFWiki2—


CUS: Grrrrr!

GOBLIN: How can we get more popular?

HP: I know! Check more emails! Tomorrow, email 11! By next month, there will be 100 emails!

GOBLIN: Okay, more emails. But I don't think we should check an email a day. Seems kinda...a lot for an email show.

HP: No, no. Not one a day! Two a day! Twenty a day! Hpemail 1,000,000 coming tomorrow!

GOBLIN: Yikes. Let's just do about 2 a month, 'kay? That sounds good...

HP: WHAT?! That's too many emails in a month! {The Horrible Paper comes down} Hey! The email isn't over yet!

THE HORRIBLE PAPER: {comes down more, revealing text that says "Yes, it is."}

Fun Facts


  • This Hpemail refrences the HRFWiki2.
  • The Goblin breaks the fourth wall, despite HP saying he couldn't in the previous email.
  • Even though HP and The Goblin discuss checking emails more frequently, the next email was released 8 months later.
  • This is the first and only time the Horrible Paper has a personality.

DVD Version

  • In Hpemail DVD 1, HP adds "from, Nameless" to the end while he's reading the email.