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The old version of Why.

Date: December 28, 2011

Running Time: 1:44


HP: Okay, This is awesome! Okay, Mr. Table with nothing on top of it, Get ready to be turned into...Mr. The table with a computer on top! {puts computer on top of table} DWAYNE!

GOBLIN: Good Job, Horrorguy!

HP: Stop calling me that. I mean, DON'T stop calling me that. Please.

GOBLIN: Yes, Sir! Ok, Type "horrible_email.exe"

HP: {types} horrible_email_dotexe

GOBLIN: No! Not that! {sigh} I'll do it. {types "horrible_email.exe"}

HP: Ohhhh.... THAT'S how you do it!

HP: {after reading "Horrorguy" he says...} Why thank you! {After reading "y'all"} Um...No, You're supposed to say "You", not "Y'all", Ya'll know...I'M the only one who goes around saying "Come on in heeeeeere!", and Y'all means "You all", so... {After reading "comeon" he says...} Where's your spacebar? Looks like you ignore it! {after reading "Standing right behind you", He looks behind him and sees the Goblin.} Woah! Gobble In Goblin! You wrote this Hpe-Mail?

GOBLIN: I sure did, Mr. H to the P!

HP: Call me Horrorguy.

GOBLIN: Sorry.

HP: {sings} Weeeeeeell... {stops singing} I want people to come on in heeeeeeere! I get lonely. AND I should really get a The Paper. Yeah.