Xeriouxly Forxe (series)

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Xeriouxly Forxe is a canon series.

Please list your versions of XF as subpages here, and list your episodes as subsubpages in the subpages.
For example: Xeriouxly Forxe/PacMasterMeow and Xeriouxly Forxe/PacMasterMeow/Episode 1: Xeriouxly, Folx!

For characters you can do Xeriouxly Forxe/Exampleuser/Character or Xeriouxly Forxe/Character/Exampleuser, though the latter is recommended for canon XF characters to enable neat lists of character takes.

List of XF versions

Xeriouxly Forxe/PacMasterMeow

List of XF characters

Xeriouxly Forxe/H. Star
Xeriouxly Forxe/S. Bad
Xeriouxly Forxe/Pom
Xeriouxly Forxe/M. Z. Pan
Xeriouxly Forxe/Zoach C
Xeriouxly Forxe/The Smith
Xeriouxly Forxe/S. Sad
Xeriouxly Forxe/Ch8t
Xeriouxly Forxe/S. Mad
Xeriouxly Forxe/Bubz
Xeriouxly Forxe/Xing Town
Xeriouxly Forxe/Still Homsar
Xeriouxly Forxe/Marxie