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NOTE: This game is a remake of an old HRFWiki2 sort-of-classic. After many months of thinking, I decided that the original game wasn't very good, and I wanted to remake it into an ultra-cool new version. However, partly because of laziness and partly because of not wanting to destroy an old sort-of-classic, the original game is has been preserved. Play it here if you like!

Eat a steak,

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You (Strong Bad) are sitting in court, waiting for the verdict. Ugh, will they just get this freakin' thing over with?! you think. Your wishes are answered — the jury comes out of the room.

"We the Juwy of Fwee Countwy USA," Homestar starts, "Find the defendant, Homeschool Winnew, guilty of the kindapping of Stwong Sad."

That's it. Homeschool's guilty. He's going to jail.

But somehow, you can't believe it. You've been a good friend of the ol' know-it-all since before the website started, and you know he wouldn't do something like this. He's just not the kind of guy who would.

The next day, you visit Homeschool in prison. "Don't worry, man," you tell him. "I'm gonna find out who did this and get you outta here."

"Thanks, SB," he says. "That means a lot. Now get to work!" He slips you a piece of paper, without giving you an explanation why. You pocket it.

In order to solve this mystery, you'll need to disprove all three pieces of evidence used to convict Homeschool, as well as find at least five pieces of evidence pointing to (a) particular suspect(s). The adventure will be divided into three parts. In the first, you will find pieces of evidence proving Homeschool's innocence. In the second, you will search Free Country USA to find out who kidnapped Strong Sad. You will share to the world who kidnapped him and your evidence in part three.

See if you can gather all the clues to figure out "whodumpit."

(Oh, and to those who played the original game, the ending to this version is NOT the same as the original. You'll probably still find this version interesting and fun.)