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This user is right handed.

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нашел яйцо.

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Thy Dungeonman.

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Kid Speedy.

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H-stripe-R, which stands for Homestripe Runner.

Oh, hello! I'm Homestripe Runner! Welcome to It's dot com!

I'm not really Homestripe. Homestripe is me as a Homestar Runner character. He sounds like a combination of me and Homestar. Yes, despite my username, I am also a Homestar Runner fan, which is why I'm here. (My username is MrMenCentral on almost every site I'm on (I've also been using the username MrZanyToTheMax).)

Coaches C and D, drawn with Flash.

I have two favorite Homestar fan characters, and their names are Coach C and Coach D. Now, I made 26 Coaches (Coaches A-Y, since there's already a Coach Z, and a Coach Pi), but C and D are my two favorites. In one of my fan sbemails, virus 2, they get attached to each other and remain like that once The Virus gets eliminated. They weren't attached to each other before virus 2.

Emails I may send to Strong Bad

  • One of the emails I'd send to Strong Bad would ask what he'd do if he switched minds with Homestar and had to be him for a day. I'd send it under the name "Ipnftusjqf Svoofs," which is "Homestripe Runner" in a code where each letter in a word is replaced by the letter next to it in the alphabet. This is also my idea for sbemail 216.
  • The other email I'd send to Strong Bad would ask how to solve a detective case. More about it can be found at this article. This email is also my idea for sbemail 223.

How I found this site

I was given a link to this site on my talk page at the Homestar Runner Wiki. At that time, I was also on another Homestar fanstuff wiki, which you can reach by this link. I was curious about the link I was given, and I was led here. That's why I'm on this site.

Running Gags

You can find the running gags for my Homestar fanstuff here. A more detailed explanation of the running gags can be seen here.