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Hello again?

Hey, guess what? I'm back! {explosions, fireworks...} I'm honestly not sure how long it'll be for, be it only for the summer or till the day I die.

One thing I wanna say, though: I'm probably not gonna post as much fanstuff as I used to. I'm currently working on a revamped version of Whodumpit?, and may create more artwork to put on BHS's Page of Homestart!, but for the most part, while I'm back, I'll mostly be on admin duty, making sure everything's in line. But don't worry, it wasn't it back in March. You can still reach me on the forum and through my talk page. And when inspiration comes around, you can expect fanstuff from me.

Talk atcha later,

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Hello, fellow wiki-ers! Wait, was that cheesy? Ah well.

So, as you can tell, I'm BubsHeadStand. I go by the same name on the regular wiki. And one things certain: I'm really happy this site is up! I was too late to go on the old fanstuff wiki. So, I'm definitely gonna post some stuff.

Oh, and if you're wondering about my username, it is what Kittygirl implies it is, and it is from "Doomy Tales of the Macabre." It's what I call Bubs' Concession Stand after it turns into Bubs' head. Not very creative, I know, but nicknames aren't my strong point.

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