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Welcome to...

Amberite's Page

I'm Amberite, and I'm a person. I'll try my best in editing the wiki and such. Sorry if I'm lacking. Also, I have a Scratch account as well, called Gonflow; so here's the link to that [label] May or may not be on the forums. So far, I only edit the H*R Fanstuff Wiki. I will respond to anything you write in my talk page. And don't worry, I'm nice! Also, images work now. Also, I hope I didn't make this too short. So, goodbye.


I created Dellyboy, the dinerman. I also created Sume, the waitress/janitor. Also, Dellyboy Emails exists!


These userboxes should tell you somethings bout me.

windows.png This user uses Windows.

qod 3 - strong sad.png This user's favorite character is Strong Sad.

Bubs Conces5 Stand.PNG This user has all types of crazy crap!
sTWessa.png This user has no life.

FileFlag of the United States.png

This user is an American.

Matt This user's favourite Chapman is Matt.

Mike This user's favourite Chapman is Mike.

Missy This user's favourite Chapman is Missy.

sTWessa.png This user is a user.

original.png This user misses
Original Bubs.

cz.png This user has more than two prablems.

strong sad deletehead.PNG This user is a Deletehead.

TOO MANY This user has too many freakin' userboxes.


I want to edit something on the Broternal Wiki but *singsong voice* I don't know what to wriiite!. (about the Broternal Wiki)

Wings made out of non-wing materials were cool in the 90s, right? (about Sxme)

Those blogs are s w e e t. (about blogs)

Bye, then.

--Amberite [1] 00:08, May 11, 2019 (UTC) See ya!