The History of a Runner

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Most people think they know the story of how Homestar Runner came to be.

Mike and Craig wrote a story book, then another story book, then a flash cartoon, and the rest is history.

However, that's only part of the story.

After some deep investigation, the truth has been found.

This is the story of...



  1. The Experiment — And the story begins...
  2. The Race — How's it goin' there?
  3. What What? — The plot thickens...
  4. Life, Liberty, and Pudding the Pursuit of Happiness — BOH-wing!
  5. Only a Matter of Time — Now how do all these stories tie up?
  6. Thickened Plot — A bad title for a better chapter!
  7. Heart of Concern — Everyone's concerned about everything now.
  8. Our Connections — Connecting more and more every chapter!
  9. Mishaps — We all make them sometimes.
  10. Turning Events — And just when you think there are enough characters...
  11. Tying Loose Ends — All your questions...sort of answered!
  12. Oh Crap... — This is what happens when you make mistakes.
  13. The Epic Ending, Part 1 — Wow, it's almost done already?
  14. The Epic Ending, Part 2 — Yes. Yes it is.