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New toons and other site updates are at the top of the list, while social media posts are below.

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How to add updates:
Copy and paste the correct update on the page. Everything in <pointy brackets> must be replaced.

Update What to add to the template
Toons *'''<Toon Type>:''' [[hrwiki:<Toon Name>|<Toon Name>]] ([[hsr:<URL>|watch]]) &mdash; ''<Date>''
Games *'''Game:''' [[hrwiki:<Game>|<Game>]] ([[hsr:<URL>|play]]) &mdash; ''<Date>''
Store Items *'''Store:''' [[store:<URL>|<Item Name>]] &mdash; ''<Date>''
Main Pages *'''Main Page:''' [[hrwiki:Main Page <#>|Main Page <#>]] ([[hsr:<URL>|view]]) &mdash; ''<Date>''
Main Page Messages *'''Main Page Message:''' <Text (and a h*r.com link if there is one)> &mdash; ''<Date>''
Menus *'''Menu:''' [[hrwiki:<Menu>|<Menu>]] &mdash; ''<Date>''
Scroll Button Songs *'''Scroll Button Song:''' "<Text>" ([[hsr:sbemail.html|view]]) &mdash; ''<Date>''
Weeklies *'''<Quote of the Week/Weekly Fanstuff/Sketchbook>:''' <Text (in quotation marks if it's a QOTW)> &mdash; ''<Date>''
Interviews/Public Appearances *'''<Interview/Public Appearance>:''' [[hrwiki:<Name>|<Name>]] ([<Link to interview with title> read/view]) &mdash; ''<Date>''
Social Media Posts *'''<Twitter/Instagram>:''' [[<website>:<URL>|<Post Text>]] &mdash; ''<Date>''
Other Updates *<Text> &mdash; ''<Date>''