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You should add those pictures you drew. 15px-Strong_Bad_in_small_picture_frame.png Gfdgsgxgzgdrc

Yeah, I must. Sorry I didn't reply to you before. Perhaps you could draw some too ^^ bubs.pngCoach Ecz.png
I'll do some pixel versions for Coach E's Adventure. What do you think they should do in the game? 15px-Strong_Bad_in_small_picture_frame.png Gfdgsgxgzgdrc
Spacestar can skate pretty fast like Homestar can run pretty fast. The Brothers Tron are robots, Alien Cheat has tenticles, Lazerpan (I dunno), Cosmic Z and Buzz Bubs can do what regular Coach Z and Bubs usually do. Space versions of Olympia, Baddie, Pal, Buddy and Kid have no official names yet. Can you help me think of some? bubs.pngCoach Ecz.png
What about me? What's special about my OC in this variation? Branderson (talk)
Coach E: No, I mean, where would they be in the game? Would they be playable characters? If so, when? Or would they help the characters at some point? Etc. (P.S. What about Olymplanet, Baddeteor, Palnet, Kideroid, Budly Way? Not very good, I know.)
Branderson: Your OC could be Spastlar! He could wear an astronaut helmet and throw helmets and computers at people. (Hey, do you want Honstlar to be in the game?) 15px-Strong_Bad_in_small_picture_frame.png Gfdgsgxgzgdrc
YES! Branderson (talk)
Branderson: It's okay, Branderson. Your self-insert's space variation is on my list. Check it out.
Gfd: Hmm... I have a real sucky imagination. They would be in space, obviously. I suppose they could be playable characters. And as for those space names you thought of for the Baddie, Olympia and the babies, blah blah blah, I suppose they'll do bubs.pngCoach Ecz.png