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"Anyone can be an android if they try hard enough."

Character: SRMX12

This article is about the character. For the user, see User:SRMX12.


SRMX12 is an inhabitant of Free Country, USA. His appearance is remarkably similar to Homestar Runner's; major differences being a different shirt, black soles instead of blue, brown hair, and blue-tinted glasses, without which he cannot see more than three feet in front of him. Like Homestar, he is armless, which renders him no less capable of manipulating objects. Although his trademark outfit is his rainbow T-shirt, seen in his first appearance, he frequently changes his wardrobe from toon to toon, from sweaters to tuxedos to the occasional wizard robe. SRMX12 is rarely seen out of the company of his laptop, the Prisma One, even if using it simply as a prop to hide his face behind during an uncomfortable moment. His computer prowess often comes in handy, as he has helped Strong Bad out with computer issues on several occasions (though he has been known to cause one or two crashes himself). He sometimes tries to attribute his computer skills to being an android, a claim that no one but Homestar Runner has ever bought. SRMX12 has a obsession with graphic design and won't hesitate to point out minute design flaws in any and all digital or printed matter.

A self-professed "intellectual", SRMX12 is given to spontaneously inventing bizarre and whimsical words and expressions, as well as making jokes and comments he thinks are witty which provoke nothing more than blank staring from nearby characters. Although he is uncomfortable in social situations and prone to frequent awkward silences, he gains an air of superiority when talking about computers, providing meaningless technical terms and explanations that sometimes call into question how much he actually knows about technology (although Strong Sad is the only person who has ever called him out on this). Similarly, he has a habit of pretending to know what characters are talking about when he clearly does not. In some toons, these qualities are humorously exaggerated; in others, he merely fills the role of a levelheaded character contrasting with more outrageous personalities. SRMX12 can get very irate with anyone who neglects to write or pronounce the number in his name, stubbornly insisting that he be called by his full name.

SRMX12 has slightly more respect for Strong Sad than most other characters do, enjoying the occasional "nerdy" conversation with him about computers or books. He admires Strong Bad, often joining in his making fun of others (on at least one occasion himself) while seemingly oblivious of the fact that Strong Bad doesn't like him at all. In "some toon", he joins the Deleteheads. He takes every opportunity to comment on how adorable The Cheat is, to The Cheat's annoyance and in extreme cases to SRMX12's peril. He dislikes Coach Z, for the same reasons as everyone else, and The King of Town, for being so out-of-step with technology. He has a genial, if not always mutual, liking of most of the other main characters.

SRMX12 is a member of the Broternal Order Of Different Helmets as the "Royal Secretarian"; a role presumably akin to a secretary, as he takes the minutes of each meeting (though these are of questionable value and regularly veer into irrelevant tangents). His helmet is a squire's cap, and he frequently appears in a full squire costume to match. He is on good terms with all other members of the club, although occasionally exasperated by Gfdgsgxgzgdrc's insistent eating of random objects.

  • Domicile: SRMX12's Apartment
  • Debut: Good Good Graphics

SRMX12's Laptop

SRMX12 originally owned a clunky beige laptop bearing a strong resemblance to the Lappy 486, but as of "some other toon" he has replaced it with the Prisma One ("The word 'One' automatically ups the sleekness factor thirteenfold!"). The Prisma is a wide, silver laptop embossed with a black triangular "P" logo. SRMX12 claims that it has "superior processor coring, improved management handling, and built-in sub-carrier units," none of which he is willing to elaborate on. He primarily uses it to draw graphics, create impressive but purposeless 3D models, and write computer programs, many of which result in bugs and glitches that somehow manifest in the real world. SRMX12's old laptop, which he says he has an emotional attachment to, can still be seen leaning against the wall in the background of his apartment.

Fun Facts

  • SRMX12 was named after the screen name of his creator, which consists of his initials combined with what he thought of as his favorite letter and favorite number at the time he created it. Most elements of SRMX12's personality were designed to be an exaggerated parody of his creator's.
  • SRMX12 likes mangoes more than most people, much like his creator.