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Horrible Painting Emails aren't actually that good. Read 'em anyway. (Something else?)


HP: Scroll buttons are okay, I guess. I mean, I don't get what all the fuss is about.

_List of Emails
  • 21. Games — The guys play, create, and talk about video games. NEW
  • 20. Memories — HP looks through an old storybook.
  • 19. Marriage — The email in which HP and Goblin don't get married.
  • 18. Quick Emails — "The Rocoulm" checks some quick-types.
  • 17. Somebody's Dad — HP talks about Strong Bad's new painting design.
  • 16. Future — Another email from the past. And for some reason it's called "Future".
  • 15. Artist — Everyone draws stuff. And dinosaurs.
  • 14. Hpemail206 — HP gets a new computer after a year with no emails.
  • 13. Challenge — An email on Planet K!
  • 12. Dreams — HP uses Goblin's computer.
  • 11. Deleted — HP deletes an email. A lot.
  • 10. Popularity — HP wonders how to get his email show more popular.
  • 9. The Wall — HP breaks the fourth wall (and the third, second, and first as well).
  • 8. Spam — Horrorguy gets spam from Gent Delabor.
  • 7. Upgrade — HP thinks about getting a new computer.
  • 6. Old Style — Old-timey films?
  • 5. Boring — HP gets lots of emails.
  • 4. Army — Should Horrible Painting join the Homestarmy?
  • 3. Homestar — How did Homestar escape?
  • 2. Fun — Horrorguy reveals what he does for fun.
  • 1. Why — The first email!



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