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This is a list of emails checked by Homestripe Runner.

List of emails

Zlappy SQ6 emails

16. pandora — Homestripe gets two emails about his cousin Pandora.

15. weena — Homestripe is asked why he wanted to rescue Weena in the first place.

14. just wandering — Homestripe gets an email that is very much like little questions.

13. old-timey color — Homestripe tells the story of how he and his sisters brought color to the Old-Timey world.

12. skipstar — A misspelling of "Slipstar" introduces Slipstar's 20X6 counterpart, Skipstar.

11. chef deal — Homestripe is asked if he actually was on a game show once.

10. other mysteries — Homestripe tells the story of how he once found Preshy's shoe.

9. tv host — Homestripe is asked what kind of show he'd host besides his email show.

8. doodling — Homestripe draws on a picture of Slipstar.

7. crazy comic — Homestripe is asked to create a crazy comic.

6. game show — Homestripe is asked what kind of game show he'd be on if he was on a game show.

5. homestripe-athlon — Homestripe is asked about the Homestripe-athlon.

4. time machine — Homestripe is asked what time he'd go to if he had a time machine.

3. relation — Homestripe is asked if he is related to Homestar.

2. stong band — A misspelling of "Strong Bad" leaves Homestripe wondering if Stong Band has ever checked an email.

1. siblings — Homestripe is asked how to handle an annoying sibling; Slipstar first appears.


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