Homestar Runner Online?

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Note: Homestar Runner Online? is undergoing extreme revampination. Please excuse its appearance at the moment. Eventually, the fanstuff will be remade with new characters and transcripts. Hopefully this will lead to a newer, better, more complete game!

Welcome to Homestar Runner Online?

Homestar Runner Online? is an interactive game in which you can control Homestar Runner characters, go to different places, talk to other people, and much more!

  • First time here? Choose a character and sign up!
  • Visit different places where you can communicate with other users and do stuff!
  • Build your own house or visit others!
  • Enter the alternate universe portal and go to a different universe!
  • Have questions? Ask on the talk page!

  • May 14, 2017 — Homestar Runner Online? is being remade!