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A signature is automatically created for you when you create an account. It is mostly used for writing comments on talk pages. To change your signature, follow these steps.

Basic Creation

Create a page for your signature here and insert a link to your userpage. You can make many different kinds of modifications to personalize your signature, including adding links to your talk page and contributions, colors, images, and so on. Instructions for including many of these optional features in your signature are given below. Once you have the signature created the way you want it, save the edit. Then go to the first tab of your preferences page, and change the text in the "Signature:" box to this: {{User:Username/sig}} Make sure the "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" option is checked, then save your preferences.


This section provides information about optional modifications to your signature.


  • Your signature must include a text version of your username, with a link to your userpage. You may use a shortened or altered form of your username.
  • If you use different colors, make sure it is still readable (for example, yellow on white is a bad idea.)
  • A small image may be used, limited to about 20 pixels in height. The image must not interfere with line spacing or collide with either of the lines above and below it. Distracting images, such as animated gifs, are discouraged.
  • Your total signature should fit inside a 180 by 20 pixel space like this box: maximum signature size. To test your signature's size, use the {{sigbox}} or {{sigbox raw}} template.
  • If you have created a signature, it must be visible on your signature subpage.

Colors and fonts

If you want your name to be colored or have a different font, use this text: [[User:Username|<span style="font-family:font; color:hexcode;">Username</span>]]

hexcode should be replaced by a hexadecimal color code or a color name (red, green, etc.). Remove either font-family:font; if you don't want to change your font or color:hexcode; if you don't want to change your color.


To add small images, insert the code or the URL somewhere in your signature. The {{e}} template can also be used.

Images can link to other pages. If you want to make an image link to another page (your fanstuff, for example), copy the full URL to the image from the address bar, hereafter referred to as "IMAGELINK". Then, return to your signature and add {{imagelink|link=PAGETITLE|image=IMAGELINK}} (replacing "PAGETITLE" with the page you want to link to).

For example, {{imagelink|link=|image=}} becomes e5062763.png.

Preventing signature breakup

A signature with spaces in it will often be broken up when it appears near the end of a line. To prevent this, put the following code around your signature: <span style="white-space: nowrap">THE REST OF YOUR SIGNATURE</span>


Now that your signature is set up, know how to work it:

Code Turns into Appears as
~~~ {{User:User/sig}} User (Talk | contribs)
~~~~ {{User:User/sig}} 00:00, 1 January 2000 (UTC) User (Talk | contribs) 00:00, 1 January 2000 (UTC)
~~~~~ 00:00, 1 January 2000 (UTC) 00:00, 1 January 2000 (UTC)