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Users are successfully created accounts on the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2. Users gain many benefits over the anonymous contributor due to a more good faith identity. A few of these benefits include having a username, userpage, watchlists, and preferences. However, they cannot initially perform more sensitive operations like that of autoconfirmed users or sysops.

A user must be on the wiki for a certain amount of time, and make a certain number of edits, before they become autoconfirmed users. After these conditions are met, the account is automatically put into this group by the system, giving them the abilities to perform sensitive actions (such as moving pages).

Additionally, if a user meets all the qualifications for being a sysop, they might become one. Sysops are users with the ability to perform tasks regular users can not, such as editing protected pages, deleting pages, blocking users, and changing site settings. For more information on sysops and guidelines for becoming one, visit this page.