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Userboxes are boxes with text that you put on your userpage that have information about you. To add userboxes to your userpage, use this method:

{{Your userbox here}}
{{Your other userbox here}}

You can make your own userboxes and add them to the page, or you can suggest ideas at the talk page. To make userboxes for fanstuff, etc., go to Customized Userboxes.

We are currently in the process of changing the userboxes, so you have the option to change text, images, and roundness. Until this is finished, the userboxes may not be consistent. Please be patient.



Userbox Code
windows.png This user uses Windows.

{{userbox windows}}
mac.png This user uses Macintosh.

{{userbox macintosh}}
GoogleChromeLogo.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.

{{userbox chrome}}
FileFfox.png This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

{{userbox firefox}}
Internet Explorer Logo.png This user contributes using Internet Explorer.

{{userbox explorer}}
Safari Userbox.png This user contributes using Safari.

{{userbox safari}}
hrwiki.png This user is on the Homestar Runner Wiki.

{{userbox hrwiki}}
hrfwiki.png This user was on the first Fanstuff Wiki.

{{userbox oldfanstuff}}
the youtube.png This user is also on

{{userbox youtube}}

User Info

Userbox Code
Filelappyiconmale.png This user is a male.

{{userbox male}}
Filelappyiconfemale.png This user is a female.

{{userbox female}}


This user is under the age of 13.

{{userbox young}}


This user is between the ages of 13 - 18.

{{userbox teen}}


This user is over the age of 19.

{{userbox old}}

FileFlag of the United States.png

This user is an American.

{{userbox united states}}


This user is British.

{{userbox great britian}}

Flag of Canada.png

This user is a Canadian.

{{userbox canada}}


This user lives in Free Country, USA.

{{userbox fcusa}}


This user is a sysop.

{{userbox sysop}}


This user is right handed.

{{userbox right}}


This user is left handed.

{{userbox left}}


This user is ambidextrous.

{{userbox ambi}}

Favorite Characters

Userbox Code
qod 2 - strong bad.png This user's favorite character is Strong Bad.

{{userbox fav strong bad}}
qod 1 - homestar.png This user's favorite character is Homestar Runner.

{{userbox fav homestar}}
qod 8 - strong mad.png This user's favorite character is Strong Mad.

{{userbox fav strong mad}}
qod 3 - strong sad.png This user's favorite character is Strong Sad.

{{userbox fav strong sad}}
qod 4 - bubs.png This user's favorite character is Bubs.

{{userbox fav bubs}}
qod 5 - coach z.png This user's favorite character is Coach Z.

{{userbox fav coach z}}
qod 9 - homsar.png This user's favorite character is Homsar.

{{userbox fav homsar}}
qod 6 - marzipan.png This user's favorite character is Marzipan.

{{userbox fav marzipan}}
The Cheat Character Video1.png This user's favorite character is The Cheat.

{{userbox fav cheat}}
qod pom pom.PNG This user's favorite character is Pom Pom.

{{userbox fav pompom}}
kot head.png This user's favorite character is The King of Town.

{{userbox fav kot}}
smith head.png This user's favorite character is The Poopsmith.

{{userbox fav smith}}
pixel troggy.png This user's favorite character is Trogdor.

{{userbox fav trogdor}}
oldtimeystar.png This user's favorite character is The Homestar Runner.

{{userbox fav thehr}}
stinkohead.png This user's favorite character is Stinkoman.

{{userbox fav stinko}}
the cardgage.png This user's favorite character is Senor Cardgage.

{{userbox fav cardgage}}
Marshie.png This user's favorite character is Marshie.

{{userbox fav marshie}}
Homeschool.png This user's favorite character is Homeschool Winner.

{{userbox fav homeschool}}
ONIONBUBS.png This user's favorite character is ONION BUBS!

{{userbox fav ONION BUBS!}}
everybodyposter.png This user's favorite character is insert character here.

{{userbox fav other|insert character here|image=[[File:ExampleImage.png|60px]]}}
everybodyposter.png This user's least favorite character is insert character here.

{{userbox least fav|insert character here|image=[[File:ExampleImage.png|60px]]}}

Chapman Userboxes

Userbox Code
Matt This user's favourite Chapman is Matt.

{{userbox matt}}
Mike This user's favourite Chapman is Mike.

{{userbox mike}}
Missy This user's favourite Chapman is Missy.

{{userbox missy}}

Game Userboxes

Userbox Code
stinkoman20X6normal.PNG This user loves to play Stinkoman 20X6.

{{userbox 20x6}}
PQ This user plays
Peasant's Quest.

{{userbox pquest}}
pixel troggy.png This user loves to play TROGDOR!

{{userbox game trogdor}}
find the egg.png Этот пользователь
нашел яйцо.

{{userbox egg}}
get ye flask.png This user plays
Thy Dungeonman.

{{userbox dungeonman}}
KidSpeedyGame.png This user is faster than
Kid Speedy.

{{userbox speedy}}
sbcg4ap.png This user has SBCG4AP on their computer.

{{userbox sbcg4ap pc}}
wiigames.png This user has SBCG4AP
on their Wii.

{{userbox sbcg4ap wii}}
OLD This user likes to play the
Old Games.

{{userbox game old}}
75px-meeples_trogdor_off.png This user has pre-ordered Trogdor!! The Board Game.

{{userbox trogdorgame}}

Store Userboxes

Userbox Code
HomeshirtRunner.png This user has a T-Shirt from the store.

{{userbox store tshirt}}
HoodieRunner.png This user has a hoodie from the store.

{{userbox store hoodie}}
SpaceShowDVDs.png This user has all of the
Homestar Runner DVDs.

{{userbox store dvds}}
DELETED! This user has strongbad_email.exe Disc 1-6.

{{userbox store emaildvd|insert number here}}
everything1.png This user has
Everything Else Vol. 1-3.

{{userbox store toondvd|insert number here}}
strobro sings.png This user owns Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits.

{{userbox store sbsings}}
PlaysetsToys.png This user bought all their
playsets and toys!

{{userbox store figurines}}
Posters.png This user bought a poster
from the store.

{{userbox store poster}}
2010Calendar.png This user bought a calendar from the store.

{{userbox store calendar}}

Kick The Cheat.PNG

This user owns
a Kick The Cheat.

{{userbox store kickcheat}}

Toon/Sbemail Userboxes

Userbox Code
toonsmenu.png This user's favorite toon is insert toon here.

{{userbox fav toon|insert toon here}}
sbemailmenu.png This user's favourite sbemail is insert sbemail here.

{{userbox sbemail|insert sbemail here}}
sbemailmenu.png This user's favourite Strong Bad computer is insert computer here.

{{userbox computer|insert computer here}}
HstarR.png This user has been a fan of Homestar Runner since insert year here.

{{userbox fansince|insert year here}}
firebert.png This user loves The Cheat Commandos.

{{userbox cheatc}}
Poweredbytehcheat.png This user loves powered by The Cheat cartoons.

{{userbox PBTC}}
oldtimeystar.png This user loves Old-Timey cartoons.

{{userbox oldtimey}}
stinkohead.png This user loves 20X6 cartoons.

{{userbox stinkoman}}
QuoteHead5.png This user loves Puppet Stuff.

{{userbox puppets}}
QuoteHead4.png This user loves Xeriouxly Forxe.

{{userbox xeriouxly}}

Fun Userboxes

Userbox Code
sTWessa.png This user is a user.

{{userbox user}}
NewestHomestar.png Everybody loves this user. This user is a terrific athlete.

{{userbox athlete}}
Bubs Conces5 Stand.PNG This user has all types of crazy crap!
{{userbox crazy crap}}
Better-1-Up.png This user uses wants to be the guy too!

{{userbox guy2}}
This user is {{{1}}} This user is feeling insert feeling here.

{{userbox feeling|insert feeling here}}
Poweredbytehcheat.png This user can animate using Flash.

{{userbox flash}}
Drums.png This user can play the drum!

{{userbox drums}}
sounds dangeresque.png This user fights the law! And also fights the crime, but not as much.

{{userbox dangeresque}}
gonna have to jump.png This user works alone...except when they work with Renaldo, which is all the time.

{{userbox dangeresquetoo}}
alright4tonite.png This user is a private eye, a crooked cop, a secret agent, and a celebrity pharmacist.

{{userbox dangeresquethree}}
cartooncheat.png This user has stolen all of Senor Muybueno's gold.

{{userbox muybueno}}
comeoninhere.png This user is about to
get the jibblies!

{{userbox jibblies}}
CounttoG.png This user can
count to G!

{{userbox countg}}
CountPurple.png This user can
count to purple backwards!

{{userbox countpurple}}
60px-VectorStrongBadShaded.png THIS USER'S HEAD

{{userbox asplode}}
QuoteHead4.png This user is revamped for the nineties!

{{userbox hstar}}
hug.png There was one time where this user had to hug a tree.

{{userbox tree}}
original.png This user can see you from here!

{{userbox original}}
pilotstrongbad.png This user's takin' this baby to the mooooooooooon!

{{userbox moon}}
original.png This user misses
Original Bubs.

{{userbox miss ob}}
12 times a day man.png This user can do it. They can do it 12 times!

{{userbox 12x}}
Marshie.png This user hates that fweakin' marshmallow.

{{userbox marshmallow}}
Homsar.png This user is a song from the sixties.

{{userbox 60s}}
cz.png This user has more than two prablems.

{{userbox problems}}
qod 5 - coach z.png Oh, jeez. This user's just not cut out to say the word jaerb.

{{userbox jorb}}
sb.png This user can type with boxing gloves on.

{{userboxing gloves}}
bubs.png If this user had thumbs, he'd/she'd be stickin' 'em up his/her armpits right now!

{{userbox thumbs}}
sTWessa.png This user has no life.

{{userbox nolife}}
Limozeen.png This user likes

{{userbox limozeen}}
Sloshaaay.png This user likes

{{userbox sloshy}}
TaranchulaGuys.png This user likes

{{userbox taranchula}}
homestarmy.png This user is a member of the Homestarmy.

{{userbox homestarmy}}
strong sad deletehead.PNG This user is a Deletehead.

{{userbox deletehead}}
P4P.png This user supports Pistols for Pandas.

{{userbox pandas}}
</code> This user likes to make their own userboxes.

{{userbox make your own}}
TOO MANY This user has too many freakin' userboxes.

{{userbox too many}}