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What is a subpage?

A subpage is a type of page that is part of a larger fanstuff, such as an episode of an email show. Subpages introduce some hierarchical organization into wiki pages, with levels of the hierarchy separated by slashes (/). A subpage of this page would be [[HRFWiki2:Subpages/subpage]], and its sub-subpage would be [[HRFWiki2:Subpages/subpage/subpage]]. Subpages are created by typing [[Page/subpage]].

Creating Subpages

If you make an email show or an interactive game, you need to make all the pages related to that page subpages. If you create emails for an email show or a page related to another page, you need to make it a subpage.

Still don't get it? Here's an example, if you make an email show called "Davey's Email", and the first email is called "Homsar", don't create the page [[Homsar]]. Instead, make the page [[Davey's Email/Homsar]].

Userpage Subpages

You can create userpages for your userpage by typing [[User:your-username/subpage]]. You can use userpage subpages for your signature, a work in progress, or editing tests. For any questions, ask on the talk page.

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