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A redirect is a page which automatically sends visitors to another page. For example, if you click on the wikilink Sandbox, you will be taken to the article HRFWiki2:Sandbox with a note at the top of the page: "(Redirected from Sandbox)". This is because the page Sandbox contains special wikitext which defines it as a redirect page and indicates the target article. To create a redirect, create a page and type this code: #REDIRECT [[Redirect Page]]. It is also possible to redirect to a specific section of the target page by using a # sign; for example, #REDIRECT [[HRFWiki2:Userbox#Fun Userboxes]] redirects here. Redirects are mainly used to help people arrive more quickly at the page they want to read.

Double Redirects

A redirect that points to another redirect is called a double redirect. Double redirects are unwanted, because this wiki's software is currently configured to not follow the second redirect. If someone clicks on a double redirect, the chain stops after the first redirect, so they end up at the second redirect instead of the page the second redirect points to. Double redirects are usually created after a page move, when old redirects are left unchanged and pointing towards an old name. These redirects should be fixed as soon as possible.