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Whodumpit? REVAMPED is an interactive text adventure created by BubsHeadStand on June 19, 2013. It is a remake of Whodumpit?, by the same creator on August 7, 2011. In this text adventure, the player controls Strong Bad, and can choose different options by clicking on links. The story centers around Homeschool Winner (Strong Bad's friend) getting falsely arrested for the kidnapping of Strong Sad. In order to find out "whodumpit", the player will need to disprove all three pieces of evidence used to convict Homeschool, as well as find at least five pieces of evidence pointing to a particular suspect. The game is divided into three parts. In the first part, the player will find pieces of evidence proving Homeschool's innocence. In the second part, the player will search Free Country, USA to find out who kidnapped Strong Sad. In the third part, the player will share to the world who kidnapped him, with evidence. Throughout the game, the player can use the upgraded Lappy 486 to scan for DNA, break someone's password, check an email, or surf the Internet (from part 2 onward). The Taranchula Black Metal Detector can also be used. (more...)