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SRMX12 is an inhabitant of Free Country, USA. His appearance is remarkably similar to Homestar Runner's; major differences being a different shirt, black soles instead of blue, brown hair, and blue-tinted glasses, without which he cannot see more than three feet in front of him. A self-professed "intellectual", SRMX12 is given to spontaneously inventing bizarre and whimsical words and expressions. He is rarely seen out of the company of his laptop, the Prisma One, and gains an air of superiority when talking about computers, providing meaningless technical terms and explanations that sometimes call into question how much he actually knows about technology. In some toons, these qualities are humorously exaggerated; in others, he merely fills the role of a levelheaded character contrasting with more outrageous personalities. SRMX12 is a member of the Broternal Order Of Different Helmets as the "Royal Secretarian"; a role presumably akin to a secretary, as he takes the minutes of each meeting (though these are of questionable value and regularly veer into irrelevant tangents). (more...)