Broternal Order Of Different Helmets/Welcome to Discord Part 1: Sauce, 'Stumes, and Stuff

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Season 1: Episode 11

The helmets discuss a variety of topics online. The King of Town wants his sauce back.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, SRMX12, Honstlar, EDITED Video Greg, The King of Town, The Poopsmith

Places: Discord

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017 - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Running Time: 5:34


{Open to the BODH in a Discord server}

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Is this wedsite edible?

SRMX12: You know, it's possible, but I'm not sure that's the best idea, Garbles...

HONSTLAR: Besides, it probably tastes like the stereotypical gamer.

SRMX12: Yeah. We don't want you to start spitting out any "gg"s... or "glhf"s...

HONSTLAR: Or the dreaded "g.i.r.l.". A-jibblie-jibblie... Hey, where's Greg?

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Wait, there are emoticons?! Look at how great this one is! hHWmVPm.png It's like I can't stop it from being too great! How great is it, you guys?! hHWmVPm.png hHWmVPm.png This is a dream come true! I've always wanted to eat my own head.

SRMX12: No no no no no wait DON'T DO THAT—



HONSTLAR: Nothing is uneatable to the Garbler.

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: It's true. I think I have mystical powers.

HONSTLAR: And a lifethyme supply of Halloween flavored salad dressing.

SRMX12: Well, at least we can rest assured they're being put to good use...

HONSTLAR: I hear the big guys are planning something for Halloween. We should do something this year.

SRMX12: Ooh! Maybe we ought to trick. Or an even better idea— we could treat!

HONSTLAR: Why not both?

SRMX12: My mind is BLOWN. That's a brilliant idea!

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: What kind of tricks, though? Ooh, I know! We could get some bread, ketchup, and maybe pickles and make booby traps for anyone who tries to steal our many candies!

HONSTLAR: Great ideas! I, myself have painted the Pill HQ orange and black.

SRMX12: Good idea. I think those are the only foodstuffs in our stockpile that aren't in danger of being eaten.

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: What, the Pill HQ? I think it's in danger of being eaten several times a day.

SRMX12: Wasn't what I was referring to. Now I'm worried.

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: We should dress up as costumes. I'm going as a blue guy with a G on his green shirt. Maybe a hat of some sort. Doesn't get more creative or random than that, right?

HONSTLAR: Ooh, we could ding-dang-dong-ditch Mr. Dando next door! He'll be like... DhGuMZO.png I'll get you crazy kids!

SRMX12: That's the greatest idea, Gfd! Why dress up IN a costume... when you can dress up AS ONE?

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: I knew this one guy who dressed up as a costume of another guy not wearing a costume! I think he broke the universe twelve times!

HONSTLAR: He was Twelve-Times-a-Day Man too?!

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Nope, but the year after that, he was -a-Day-Mans 1 through 11 at the same time! That man is a 'stume genius!

SRMX12: I couldn't remotely follow that, so he must be!

HONSTLAR: What should I dress up as...?

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: You could dress up as everyone's all the time total favorite! {holds up an image}

HONSTLAR: Amazing! But I was thinking more pop-culture than dress-up-as-you.

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: I am pop culture! Whatever that means. Do balloons count? They pop, right? Do they pop... culture?

HONSTLAR: No, I mean like what Stro Bro and the gang dress up as! You know, fictional characters nobody has thought of for over 10 years. Right, SRMX12?

SRMX12: Right. Yes. Of course. Things... that we were probably talking about. I agree.

HONSTLAR: So, what are you going as, Letterandnumberinyournamem'n?

SRMX12: Well, my knowledge base of obscure character references is a little rusty, but I'm sure I can scrounge up something appropriately unrecognizable.

HONSTLAR: A-goood! Anything else we should do during the pagan festival? Maybe something to agitate Mr. Dando?

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: We could throw egg-shaped mayonnaise-flavored corndog tapes at him until he turns into nine OR three potatoes!!

HONSTLAR: Perfect! 40 Dolla Points for Griffon Door! Say, where the crap is Greg?



SRMX12: Rasterization!


HONSTLAR: You came just in time! What are you gonna do on Halloween?

EDITED VIDEO GREG: I'm gonna go find out what happened to Homestar in the painting.

HONSTLAR: He got out years ago!

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Years ago isn't eternity, is it?

HONSTLAR: But he got out!

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Okay. In that case I'm gonna find out how many people are robbing houses for a certain kind of sauce.

HONSTLAR: Insane Chicken Sauce?


HONSTLAR: I LOVE Insane Chicken Sauce! I've been puttin' it on my burgers since 1992! I've loved the spice even when I was a baby!

EDITED VIDEO GREG: This talk about sauce reminds me, Trogdor seems to be coming alive.


EDITED VIDEO GREG: The power of dumb internet jokes has given him power, just like how it elected KOT.

HONSTLAR: There was an election?

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Well, one to see who paid for the meal that gave him his crown.

HONSTLAR: That sounds like something that would be done by a Maury type.

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Which coincidentally was where he broke down about how he wanted a sauce from two deceades ago back.

HONSTLAR: Did he get it?

EDITED VIDEO GREG: No, which is why he still pretends to be king.

THE KING OF TOWN: Bring back the sauce! Bring back the sauce!!

HONSTLAR: Not him!

SRMX12: Wait, isn't it already back?

EDITED VIDEO GREG: For one day, KOT rioted so hard it's Halloween now.

HONSTLAR: {checks his CompyPhone} Wait! The Municipality has rioted so hard, that the sauce will come back in higher amounts around Decemberween.

EDITED VIDEO GREG: Okay. Still though, KOT is an idiot. He can just trick or treat to get sauce ingredients. Since it is the ween times today.

HONSTLAR: What is he still doing here anyway? The King of Town is banished from the kingdom of Discordia!

{The King of Town disappears}

EDITED VIDEO GREG: But it's a ween toon, we need all 12 characters.

HONSTLAR: They need all twelve, but we need all twelve!

{Cricket chirps}



HONSTLAR: I instantly regret this decision.

GFDGSGXGZGDRC: Sorry, King of T! I've taken all the sauce for myself!

HONSTLAR: This will not end well.

THE KING OF TOWN: SAUCE! {beats the crap out of Gfd}

THE POOPSMITH: {pops in and holds up a sign that says "That's Our King!"}

{Cut to a screen reading "END OF PART 1"}

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