20X6! A FanComic

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Chapter 1 Script

{The start is in the 20X6 field. Stinkoman is fighting Pan Pan, while 1-Up watches.}
Narrator: Planet K, 20X6.
Stinko: Wow, Pan Pan, you seem like an actual challenge!
1-Up: Yeah, he's my personal fight trainer.
Pan Pan: Badalang badalang.
Stinko: Oh, cool. that sounds SOOOO cool.
???: BZZT! BZZT!
Stinko, Pan Pan, and 1-Up: ...
???: BZZT!!
Stinko: What is that? WHAAAAT is that?
1-Up: It looks like some kinda robot! Let's go check it out? {Sees ???} Huh?
Stinko: What the heck? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT is that?
1-Up: It isssssssss some kinda robot!
???: HELP!
{??? starts to glitch.}
1-Up: What the-?
{??? falls in front of Stinko.}
Pan Pan: Badalang badalang badalang!
1-Up: Yeah!
Narrator: So they took the bot...
Stinko: Why is this glitchbot so heavy?!
1-Up: Don't worry. We're just going a little further.

More coming soon!