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Halosche, my pancakes!

♠♣♥♦I'm MJ Sketchy, but just MJ will be fine.♠♣♥♦

I love Homestar Runner a lot, and my friendo, Amberite Over to here has one so I decided to join.

I have two main Homestar OCs, Mitch and Juniper. I'm working on their pages.

Juniper now has an email show: Juniper Email (Jemails)


So.. do you think I write my fanfic, like a sequel to 'Bug in Mouth Disease'?

I also am making a series of over exaggerated Homestar stuff. They may act a bit out of character, but it's an AU, it should work.

Also, I'm making a fan Halloween toon. You'll see it soon.

Fun Facts about the Sketchster (*tv commercial guy voice* MJ Sketchy is not called the Sketchster. Please do not call her the Sketchster.)

My favorite Homestar toon is 'A Folky Tale', my favortie sbemail is 'independent' or 'imaginary', I like Two More Eggs, especially Trauncles, Dooble, and Panda Bractice, my favorite canceled TV shows are 'Regular Show', 'Wander Over Yander', and 'Over the Garden Wall', I am a shippity shipper and avid fanartist, and my favorite video games are SBCG4AP, Minecraft, Undertale, and DeltaRune.

My Userboxes

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on their Wii.

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