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Fanstuff of the Month


Homestripe Runner Emails is an email show created on October 24, 2013 by MrMenCentral. It features MrMenCentral's fan character Homestripe Runner checking emails on the Zlappy SQ6. In addition to Homestripe himself, the show includes the rest of the creator's fan characters, such as Homestripe's sister Slipstar and and his cousin Pandora, among many others. It currently has eight finished emails, and eight more that are listed on the page but have not been created. Although most of the emails are made up by MrMenCentral, some are submitted by other users via an inbox page. The show has seemingly ended, as it hasn't been updated since January 6, 2016, and a reboot was created on July 18, 2017. The reboot currently includes one email, who are you, and hasn't been updated since October 14, 2017. (more...)


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