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A sysop is a HRFWiki2 user with administrative rights and special abilites that are restricted to most users.

Sysop Abilities

  • Protect and unprotect pages.
  • Edit protected pages (like the Main Page)
  • Delete and undelete pages and images.
  • Change the site settings (for example, the site logo and background).
  • Block and unblock wiki users.


These are all the active sysops on the wiki. If there is a problem or you have a question, these are the best people to talk to.


Things that sysops can do:

Becoming a Sysop

The wiki does not take on new sysops very often, but you might still become one if you follow these guidelines:

  • Have a large number of important edits. — We won't make you a sysop if you don't do anything important. After all, that's what being a sysop is.
  • Help the wiki as much as you can. — Sysops are supposed to be helpful. You don't have to be a sysop to help out, so try it and you might become one.
  • Edit frequently and stay active. — Obviously, you won't be promoted if you haven't edited in five years. What's the point of a sysop who does nothing?
  • Stay positive and have a good sense of humor. — Nobody likes a negative sysop. Remember that this is a fan fiction site about a bunch of dumb animal characters.
  • Be technologically knowledgeable. — You should know wiki-formatting and code, like HTML, fairly well. This is not required, but strongly encouraged.
  • You must be mature and trustworthy. — Maturity is important, but trustworthiness is the most important thing of all. If we promote you, we are basically handing you the keys to the wiki. You'll have the power to edit, change, or delete anything you want (including the wiki itself). We must be able to trust you with this power.
  • Don't call us; we'll call you. — You can ask to be a sysop, but if you do so, it is still unlikely that you will be promoted. Instead, if you meet this criteria, a sysop might come and ask you to be a sysop on your talk page.