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Here at the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2, we encourage users to create fanstuff. The original fanstuff wiki was closed partially because the fanstuff there was decreasing in quality, so we've implemented the following guidelines to prevent this from happening to us. We regret having to be legalistic about this — the wiki is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, after all — but having standards for fanstuff is necessary, and simply giving free rein in this area is counter to the goals of the wiki. All fanstuff on the wiki is subject to the following standards:
  • Keep it family-friendly. No pages should include or link to swearing or anything inappropriate, as this wiki is for all ages. Only use language that would be used in a Homestar Runner cartoon.
  • Use good grammar. Grammar is strongly recommended on this wiki to make fanstuff easier to read. There are some exceptions, such as intentionally bad grammar (for example, a poorly written email to your character).
  • This wiki is for Homestar Runner fanstuff. Anything unrelated to Homestar Runner, including crossovers, will be removed. Exceptions include The Brothers Chaps' side projects (Two More Eggs, Thorax Corp., etc.) as long as you don't make too much. You may talk about things unrelated to Homestar Runner on the forum, but don't create fanstuff there.
  • Try to stay in character. Don't have a character do something that they wouldn't do on the website. There are some exceptions; for example, a character can act out-of-character for comedy.
  • Don't edit someone else's fanstuff. Fanstuff is made by somebody who worked hard on making it. Please don't edit it if it is not yours. Your edit will be reverted, and if this keeps happening you could be blocked. There are a few exceptions though; for example, if the creator gives you permission, if it has been vandalized, or if it breaks any of the rules. You can also edit fanstuff to change grammatical errors or formatting mistakes (although it is recommended that you alert the user on the talk page instead). The same goes for userpages.
  • Use subpages to organize your fanstuff. They're important and keep everything organized. For example, if your email show is called "Mr. Bland Emails", and the first email is called "homestar", don't create the page [[homestar]]; instead, create [[Mr. Bland Emails/homestar]]. More information here.